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“When I was young I aspired to be part F1, today I apologise more often than not when people mention it, it's my fault for being a follower”

David Coulthard, C4 Race Commentator and previous F1 race winner with Williams and McLaren
@therealdcf1 Fri Mar 25 21:14:39

F1 Fanatic round-up: Todt wants to restore FIA's power over #F1

@F1 Fanatic
Fri Jun 24 07:00:16

Retweeted breaking news (@Fernews365): Ferrari's Arrivabene calls for simpler rules #Ferrari #McLaren......

Sat Jun 25 00:00:21

Hang on a minute. Don't Ferrari still have a veto over this? 😜

@Jon Noble
Fri Jun 24 06:56:14

@FormulaOneGeek The 1994 season final took place on 29 June 1994? A Thursday, no less?!

Thu Jun 23 12:36:05
#Onthisday In 1994, the famous title deciding crash between Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill. #F1

@Formula1 Geek, Thu Jun 23 10:17:26

@f1feeds_ I think we *all* want to enjoy #f1 again...

Thu Jun 23 12:18:46
Jenson Button undecided on future, wants to enjoy Formula 1 again #f1 @GrandPrixTimes: McLaren's Jenson Button says…

@F1 Feeds, Thu Jun 23 12:05:08

@McLarenF1 @MichaelKors So what exactly is a 'lifestyle partner' when it's at home??

Thu Jun 23 08:10:57

F1: Prost slams Baku TV coverage #f1 @pitpassdotcom: Alain Prost has described FOM's coverage of the Grand prix of…

@F1 Feeds
Thu Jun 23 07:33:35

It says something about modern F1 when 50% of the teams @fosgoodwood have brought V8 cars...

@Ed Foster
Thu Jun 23 10:43:27

He also 'brushed off' criticism of the quali format earlier this year. That didn't work out too well for him! #fixf1

Wed Jun 22 11:39:16

Fernando Alonso: I won’t linger in F1

@McLaren Soul
Wed Jun 22 07:54:41

Former McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh breaks his silence on Formula 1

Wed Jun 22 08:15:07

Vettel believes racing must retain danger element #f1 @Motorsport: Sometimes, in order to look forwards, one must…

@F1 Feeds
Wed Jun 22 06:44:07

Hasegawa: "We updated the turbine, so recovering the energy is getting better. We can save fuel because we can use electricity instead"

@McLaren Soul
Wed Jun 22 09:02:40

@F1Nova I think they borrowed it from Sega Rally

Wed Jun 22 07:16:55

Jenson Button undecided on future, wants to enjoy Formula 1 again - #F1

@Grand Prix Times
Thu Jun 23 11:58:08

FIA could create new F2 from scratch as plan to work with GP2 hits impasse with Ecclestone:

Wed Jun 22 14:46:08

#LeMans24 is a series unspoiled by the pomposity and paranoia of #F1 | Richard Williams

@Formula 1 Circus
Fri Jun 17 17:59:37

@autosport I wonder how many times the words 'Pirelli' and 'ridiculous' have been seen together since they entered #f1

Sat Jun 18 02:39:07

*tracks with parking lot run-off* Drivers: "Too forgiving!" *tracks with little run-off* Drivers: "Too dangerous!" 🙄

@Ferid Schnee
Thu Jun 16 21:15:37
Not hard to understand @JensonButton's turn seven concerns. The drivers are basically accelerating towards a wall:

@F1 Fanatic, Thu Jun 16 20:37:07

Heineken’s #F1 deal leads to further call for ban on alcohol sponsorship

@Formula 1 Circus
Wed Jun 15 13:44:54

Watching Alesi in 3rd for Sauber at Spa '98 reminds me how at Jordan we regarded them very highly. Sad to see them struggle now. #F1'

@Mark Gallagher
Wed Jun 15 21:55:31

I know I moan a lot, but in Monaco the drivers were on Intermediates by the time the safety car came in, for me that is ridiculous. #F1

Sun Jun 12 15:02:48

Pirelli deal with Formula One finalised

Wed Jun 22 11:09:29