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“When I was young I aspired to be part F1, today I apologise more often than not when people mention it, it's my fault for being a follower”

David Coulthard, C4 Race Commentator and previous F1 race winner with Williams and McLaren
@therealdcf1 Fri Mar 25 21:14:39

Sauber and Force India approach FIA/Ecclestone with concerns over 2017 #F1 engine rules:

Thu May 26 16:03:40

Thank you Fernando!

Fri May 27 01:52:30
Alonso not impressed with questions about Euro '16... "Three questions, two about football. This is not the right place."

@Pablo Elizalde, Thu May 26 16:11:42

U-Turn? FIA? Must be a first, surely?

Fri May 27 01:51:04
FIA makes U-turn on #F1 tear-offs ban with immediate effect after talks with drivers

@Autosport, Thu May 26 18:21:25

#FIA visor tear-off ban could lead to X-rated solutions #Alonso warns of X-rated solutions for visor ban #F1

@Formula 1 Circus
Thu May 26 21:10:16

6 were classified. I think only 4 crossed the line, 3 of which were on the lead lap?

Wed May 25 16:00:29
#MonacoGP 1996. @therealdcf1 finished 2nd wearing Michael Schumacher's helmet. How many drivers finished the race?

@Lights Out, Wed May 25 12:54:24

Vettel on ultra-soft runs in winter: "A bit like asking a rabbit how his first date went. Probably good but didn't last long..." #F1

Wed May 25 13:27:24

@Jamesallenonf1 from where?

Wed May 25 15:13:46

FIA relaxes #F1 helmet livery rules, allowing drivers one change per year:

Thu May 26 16:39:51

FIA makes U-turn on #F1 tear-offs ban with immediate effect after talks with drivers

Thu May 26 18:21:25

Hasegawa (Honda): “For next season we can change anything. It is possible we could end up with an all-new engine design for 2017"

@McLaren Soul
Fri May 20 11:47:56

@andersonlaura12 Vandalized?? It's the best looking car since 1993! Shame they don't run it like that on race day!

Fri May 20 03:48:40
Who vandalised the McLaren😜

@Laura, Thu May 19 20:29:49

Honda can match Ferrari without token system #f1 @F1Hub: Yusuke Hasegawa reckons ‘struggling’ Honda could be on par…

@F1 Feeds
Fri May 20 00:26:06

Typical 90s Formula One! I love that Monaco can still shuffle the pack even with some teams being 4+s off the pace!

Thu May 19 15:11:54
@F1Nova Probably because no one else wanted to win. haha They all DNF.

@#MsportXtra, Thu May 19 13:09:39

Hasegawa confirmed the upgrades would have already been introduced if there was no token system in place. 2017 is going to be interesting.

@McLaren Soul
Thu May 19 15:20:50

Yes occasionally but it's not what hybrid's about and costs a fortune to move fuel rigs around world

@James Allen
Wed May 18 21:56:37
Hey @Jamesallenonf1 When the F1 Strategy Group meets, do they even consider the return of refuelling?

@Dave Grinzi, Wed May 18 21:49:05

Latest on Sauber #F1 team's troubled financial situation:

Wed May 25 10:49:45

Big changes at Monza for 2017 but still no word on whether #F1 will be there: #ItalianGP

@F1 Fanatic
Wed May 25 11:25:05

@LukeSmithF1 I really wish @McLarenF1 would actually paint the car like this - would be the best livery on the grid!

Thu May 19 09:19:16
Thought McLaren had gone for a funky new livery for a second...

@Luke Smith, Thu May 19 01:15:08

@livef1news Indeed... they already are!

Wed May 18 07:22:38

How to twist words. Lesson 1: JB says: "I want to be somewhere that I can be competitive". Headline: Jenson threatens McLaren with leaving 🙊

@McLaren Soul
Mon May 16 14:43:38

A little sensationalist...

Mon May 16 09:37:42
'All-out war at Mercedes' declare Monday's papers after the Spanish GP #SkyF1

@Sky Sports F1, Mon May 16 09:36:55

@HillF1 @F1_God_Fan the whole race @Max33Verstappen wouldn't have stood a chance in a '96 Williams

Mon May 16 02:26:50

Because when @HillF1 was racing cars were a lot more physically demanding than they are today, and driven at 100%...

Mon May 16 02:26:03
How could @HillF1 (Damon Hill), get it so wrong when he said that F1 shouldn't allow someone of @Max33Verstappen s age to be allowed in F1?

@F1 God Fan - Duncan, Sun May 15 17:02:59

Honda's 2016 #F1 upgrades are laying the groundwork for big 2017 gains, reckons McLaren:

Tue May 24 08:57:11